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News, 11/28/2008

Foreign Minister Stubb expresses his condolences to the families of the victims of the attacks in Mumbai

Foreign Minister Alexander Stubb absolutely condemns the terrorist attacks that took place in Mumbai, India, on 26 November. "Even one victim is too much. Now, unfortunately, it seems that there have been many victims – more than a hundred – and the situation is not even fully over yet. I offer my condolences to the families of those killed in the attacks.”

According to the Foreign Minister, at worst, extensive terrorist acts threaten the stability of India, and it would be important to make efforts to prevent that. Instability and terrorism are already present in the neighbouring areas of India, in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

"The government of India deserves our clear support in the prevention of terrorism and calming down the situation," Foreign Minister Stubb states. "The strike in Mumbai showed, once again, that terrorism knows no frontiers. International cooperation against terrorism is even more important today."

Stubb discussed the situation in India with Finland’s Ambassador to India Asko Numminen on Thursday 27 November. Presently, the Embassy is investigating the possibility of there having been Finnish casualties. According to current information, no Finns were killed in the attacks, but the possibility of Finnish victims cannot be closed out yet. One injured person was found, and the Embassy was able to contact him.

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