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Partner countries and regions

Each developing country bears the primary responsibility for its own development. Finland supports those countries that are committed to achieving development goals, and have shown a firm political will to develop. Finland partners with countries that can benefit from Finnish know-how in areas where Finland is strong. The partnership is based on the needs for support expressed by the partner country.

Map of Finnish ODA worldwide. Image: Phuoc Tran Minh.Finnish ODA worldwide. The greener the colour, the more aid the country receives. In 2011  the most aid was directed to Tanzania, Mozambique, Nepal and Afganistan. Image: Phuoc Tran Minh.

Finland’s emphasis in development cooperation activities is on the least developed countries (LDCs) of Africa and Asia.

Seven longterm partner countries

Finland’s development cooperation centres primarily on longterm partner countries. Finland’s longterm partner countries are Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, Nepal, Tanzania and Zambia.

In addition, one longterm partner country, Vietnam, has now risen to the level of a lower-middle income country; and Finland is gradually shifting to other forms of cooperation with Vietnam.

Fragile states need special support

The special needs of fragile states are also taken into consideration in Finland’s development cooperation.

Finland is committed to longterm cooperation with Afghanistan, and supports development cooperation in the Palestinian territories and in South Sudan.

 Regional cooperation crosses borders

In the regional development cooperation, Finland seeks resolutions of cross-border problems in Latin America, Africa and Asia. The Wider Europe Initiative focuses on Central Asia.

Different modalities of cooperation complement one another

Through different modalities such as EU-, multilateral- and NGO cooperation Finland's aid reaches different parts of the world.

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