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Management of globalisation and strengthening of the multilateral system

Changes in the management of globalisation and the international architecture create pressures of reform for the UN system, too. In the future, multilateral actors must be able to prove more clearly than before that their activities are worthwhile and cost-effective.

To improve the global governance, it is important to commit to the multilateral system and to make more effective use of the current mechanisms instead of creating new ones.

The international community has not succeeded in its efforts to deal with the financial markets' activities, the utilisation of natural resources, or fragile states' problems.


  • To show initiative in issues relating to globalisation in areas important for Finland (eg. sustainable development, arms control and disarmament, open rules-based economy and trade, stable and balanced global economy, the environment, climate, human rights, promotion of women's rights, and Arctic issues). Influence through the EU and multilateral and transatlantic cooperation play a key role in this work. The new UN strategy gives guidelines for this work.
  • To support the operational capability and the role of the UN and the UN's reforms. To enhance the results, effectiveness and openness of multilateral activities;
  • To improve Finland's capacity to follow new mechanisms in international cooperation, and to exercise influence on them, for example, on the G-groupings, non-state actors and networks.

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Updated 5/12/2015

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