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Promotion of external economic relations

The economic and financial crisis casts a shadow on the future outlook in Europe and in many industrialised countries. The developing countries' relative significance continues to grow and competition on these markets is getting more intense. The promotion of external economic relations must be one of Finland's foreign policy priorities.

In order to be able to maintain Finland's economic well-being, it is important to invest in non-European emerging economies in Asia, Latin America and Africa.

A more strategic approach in the external economic relations and closer cooperation between different actors receiving public funding is necessary to ensure that we are able to make use of the new opportunities.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs can make an essential contribution to the well-being and employment in Finland by means of trade policy measures and the promotion of export and internationalisation through trade missions.


  • To contribute to the implementation of the strategy for external economic relations, to be published by May/June 2013. The strategy will cover trade policy, market access and trade promotion and it will provide guidance for the Team Finland activities.
  • To strengthen the image of Finland especially in non-EU markets by means of public diplomacy and promotional activities;
  • To focus on the EU's bilateral and regional free trade agreement negotiations with countries that are of major economic interest for Finland, like the United States, and on multilateral sector-specific contractual arrangements especially within the WTO system.

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Updated 5/12/2015

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