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Press Releases, 8/12/2010

Finland offers Russia assistance to fight forest fires

Finnish Ministry of the Interior
Press release 11 August 2010

Today on Wednesday, Finland has offered Russia equipment and expert assistance to fight forest and wildfires.

The assistance offered consists of two forest fire protection containers which include fire fighting hoses and pumps. In addition, Finland is prepared to send two forest fire experts to Russia. Russia holds in high regard Finland’s expertise in fighting peat and forest fires.

If Russia accepts the offer, the equipment can be taken immediately to the border and from there to the region indicated by Russian authorities. The equipment offered has no effect on Finland’s own readiness to fight forest fires.

Finland and Russia have an agreement on mutual assistance in major accidents. Under this agreement, Finland has also earlier provided assistance in forest firefighting and other major accidents. There have also been regular exercises between the two countries.

For further information, please contact Mr Timo Viitanen, Director of International Affairs Unit, Department for Rescue Services, tel. +358 71 878 8440


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