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Press Releases, 11/25/2010

The Country Brand Delegation sets tasks for Finland

Press release 349/2010
25 November 2010

In 2030, Finland will be the world’s problem-solver, the report of the Country Brand Delegation states in its final report. Our practical and forthright approach to dealing with challenges offers Finland an excellent opportunity to earn distinction, for instance, in resolving problems associated with international conflicts, water shortage and education.

The Country Brand Delegation appointed by Minister for Foreign Affairs Alexander Stubb in 2008 was charged with the task of creating a strategy for Finland that would convince the world to turn to us more often and more effectively. The delegation’s report, Mission for Finland, was launched today 25 November at Torpparinmäki Comprehensive School in Helsinki.

In addition to solution orientation, the delegation defines three central areas that can be used to strengthen the image of Finland. These three areas are functionality, nature and education.

”The image of Finland must be based on real, existing strengths. Only by developing our strengthens in a creative way can we increase Finland’s familiarity and appeal to the rest of the world. To my mind, the delegation has succeeded admirably in this creative thought process,” said Jorma Ollila, Chairman of the Country Brand Delegation.

He also stressed that the delegation cannot build a country brand for Finland; it can only suggest measures reinforcing Finland’s international competitive edge.

“The image of Finland isn’t developed by campaigns, but by real deeds. By helping to make a better world we also make Finland a better place to live and work.”

Organic food, fresh water and peace mediation

In its report the delegation lists more than one hundred concrete missions. Some of them are targeted at the authorities, some at business and organizations, and still others at ordinary Finns. The delegation proposes, for instance, that organic production should account for at least one half of Finland’s overall agricultural production by the year 2030, that Finland’s lake water should be purified and made drinkable, and that Finland should establish a peace mediation convention dedicated to Nobel laureate Martti Ahtisaari. The measures targeted at citizens are listed on the website

Delegation chairman Jorma Ollila distributed three missions at the launch of the report. Foreign Minister Stubb accepted the mission of establishing a peace mediation convention dedicated to Martti Ahtisaari and the mission of a Finnish Water Forum for the purification of lakes. The third mission is linked with well-being at schools: Do something together even with the quietest ones in the class. The ninth-form pupils at Torpparinmäki Comprehensive School accepted this mission on behalf of all Finnish school children.

“The delegation report presents a thorough analysis of the Finnish identity. Even more important than analysis, however, is to swing into action. The real country brand work starts now,” Alexander Stubb stated.

The entire report is available at the website

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