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Helsinki Process
on Globalisation and Democracy


The Helsinki Process on Globalisation and Democracy, a multi-stakeholder initiative on global governance, was launched in 2002. The key idea behind the process is the notion that every stakeholder – governments, civil society, the business community, international organisations, faith groups, academia and the media – can play a major role in accelerating thinking on global problem-solving and in making globalisation work for the benefit of all.

Future of Global Governance

In February 2012, 10 years after the launching of the Helsinki Process, a review conference was held at the Hanasaari Cultural Centre in Espoo, Finland. Multi-stakeholder cooperation, the brain child of the Helsinki Process, continues to serve as a valid tool for global problem-solving. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland hopes to deepen the collaboration on the priority areas of the Process - global economic governance and sustainable development.

The Helsinki Process blog has been designed to provide a platform for exchange of ideas and information on concrete actions on global economic governance and sustainable development. 

The Weblog of Helsinki Process:

Further information:

pdfHelsinki Process in a Nutshell (pdf 291 Kb)

pdfThe Helsinki Process +10 Conference Report - Future of Global Governance(pdf 876 Kb)

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