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Publication: The Human Rights Approach to Social Protection

pdfThe Human Rights Approach to Social Protection (PDF)

This publication constitutes a summary of the analyses and arguments presented
by the Special Rapporteur in her reports to the Human Rights Council and General
Assembly over the past three years in regard to the human rights approach to social
protection. It is intended to be an articulation of the fundamental elements of the
human rights framework applicable to the design, implementation, monitoring and
evaluation of social protection systems, and to provide some concrete examples of
obstacles that arise when implementing social protection.

It is hoped this framework for a human rights approach to social protection will
be useful to practitioners, agencies and organisations working on social protection,
as well as to civil society, intergovernmental organisations and States. While the
ultimate objective of advocating a human rights approach to social protection systems
is to maximise the effectiveness of such systems in reducing poverty and facilitating
the realisation of human rights by those living in poverty, it is also hoped
that social protection can provide a useful strategy around which human rights and
development practitioners can collaborate and pursue coordinated efforts.

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