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Eurasia Foundation etsii konsulttia Equal Before Law -ohjelman väliarviointiin

Tarjoukset tulee jättää perjantaihin 17. elokuuta 2012 mennessä.

Eurasia Foundation is seeking for a consultant to conduct a Mid-Term Review of its Equal Before Law (EBL) program. The evaluation is scheduled to be conducted in September- November of 2012.

The evaluator/evaluation team should have relevant evaluation experience in the field of civil society development and project management.

The minimum requirements include:

• Seven years of relevant evaluation and social science research experience;
• Relevant work experience with civil society organizations (CSOs) and relevant government agencies and ministries;
• Proven experience and understanding of human rights, good governance and the rule of law
• Familiarity with European development programs;
• Experience working in Central Asia or former Soviet Union;
• Excellent oral presentation and writing skills in Russian and English. 

Tender documents and further information:

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