Merikasarmi, PO Box 176, 00023 Government, Finland
Switchboard: +358 295 16001
Contact information

Embassy of Finland, Belgrade


Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro

Customer service:

Customer Service

Mon-Fri 9:00-13:00

Telephone exchange:

  • +381 11 306 5400


Visiting address, postal address:

Embassy of Finland
Bircaninova 29
PO Box 926


Pertti Ikonen
  • Head of Mission
  • CV
Päivi Alatalo
  • Deputy Head of Mission
Outi Hannula
  • Administrative Officer
Igor Madzarevic
  • Coordinator, financial affairs, trade policy
Jovana Krajnovic
  • Coordinator, political affairs
Svetlana Garic
  • Office Administrator
Danilo Miljanic
  • Catering and Housekeeping Attendant
Jasmina Obradovic
  • Administrative Assistant
Sini Salko
  • Trainee
Mirjana Tozic
  • Domestic Worker
Jelena Zivanovic
  • Domestic Worker
E-mail addresses are in the form: Scandinavian characters are replaced by: ä=a, ö=o, å=a.

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Updated 5/25/2018

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