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Press Releases, 12/22/2016

Finnish missions abroad may issue identity cards from 1 January 2017

Press release 242/2016
22 December 2016

From the beginning of 2017 Finnish missions which also serve as pickup points for passports may issue identity cards to Finnish citizens. Identity cards are valid travel documents in certain European countries.

So far identity cards have been issued by the police only.

The missions may only issue ordinary identity cards, also to minors subject to parental consent.

Special minor’s identity cards issued without parental consent, identity cards for foreigners or temporary identity cards may not be applied for from the missions.

In the same way as an application for passport, an identity card application must be submitted to the mission in person. The price for an identity card issued by a foreign embassy is EUR 90.

Additional information: Jorma Mussalo, Team Leader, tel. +358 295 351 906, and Vuokko Ritari, Administrative Officer, tel. + 358 295 351 496, Visa and Passport Unit

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