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News, 2/16/2017

Call for Proposals has been opened: Women’s rights the focus of government support for INGOs

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs opens a Call for Proposals for International Non-governmental Organizations (INGOs) for their development cooperation in 2017–2018. The Call focuses on promoting the sexual and reproductive health and rights of women and girls. The Call will be open until 16 March 2017.

Finland has a long history of promoting the rights and status of women and girls. This is an important development policy priority for Finland, and it will also be the main focus in the INGO Call for Proposals in 2017. Government support is available for INGOs that promote sexual and reproductive health and rights of women and girls at international or local level. A particular focus will be given to INGOS that aim to improve services for young people as well as access to contraceptives and safe abortion. Around EUR 9 million has been reserved for this work.

The support for INGOs will increase Finland’s total funding for the work to promote the rights of women and girls. Finland will also be supporting the She Decides initiative by the Netherlands and Belgium that strives to secure funding for organizations that suffer from cuts envisaged by the United States.

Government support is also available for INGOs that work for fostering an enabling environment for civil society or strengthening the democracy of societies. Around EUR 1.2 million has been reserved for this work.

The Call for Proposals for INGOs will be opened approximately every second year as of 2017. The funding available will be determined for each Call separately. Different units at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs may also organize more limited application rounds for INGOs when necessary. Previous Calls have supported the work of human rights defenders, for example.

Further information on the INGO Call for Proposals 2017

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