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Project support

Ministry for Foreign Affairs grants Finnish civil society actors support to development cooperation projects. A call for proposal for small and medium sized civil society organisations opens once a year.

Civil society organisations have the right to choose their mode and field of operation, their partner organisation and country of cooperation as per their strategies and values. However, the projects have to be in line with Finland's Development Policy Programme and the Guidelines for Civil Society in Development Policy.

Project Guidelines

The Project Guidelines give guidance to small and medium sized organisations to planning, applying and implementing a project.

pdfProject guidelines

pdfAppendix 1: General conditions

pdfAppendix 2: Project document

pdfAppendix 3: Audit instructions

pdfAppendix 4: Ethical code of conduct

Electronic forms for the e-service

The electronic forms should be downloaded to the computer (save target as) before opening for use. The forms can be edited, saved and shared with others before submission.

Use of the forms requires Adobe Reader (version 10) which can be down loaded for free here. Attachments to the forms should be attached as per instructions. Attachments will transfer automatically to the e-service account once you upload the form. Please note that attachment names should not include special characters (.,-/åäö) etc. and should include the extension indicating the document type (e.g. project plan.pdf). The total size of the attachments cannot exceed 10 MB. 

Basic information form

pdfBasic information form

pdfInstructions basic information

The basic information should be submitted annually. The attachments to the basic information form includes the annual plan, budget, annual report, financial statements, audit report and other possible documents such as updated bylaws and excerpt from the Register of Associations.  

There is no deadline for the submission, but organisations need the code stated in the reception confirmation in order to be able to submit new project applications.

After submitting the form you will receive a reception confirmation to your account, stating your project ID code (in the form UHA20XX-000XXX). Write this code in field 1.2. of the project or continuation project application form.

Project application

pdfProject application form, new project

- new project
No. UML2012-0013.1.15 (en)

pdfInstructions for new project

pdfProject application form, continuation project

- continuation project
No. UML2012-0014.1.13 (en)

pdfInstructions for continuation project

In applications of less than EUR 100,000 for one application cycle personal expenses form is an obligatory appendix. 

ExcelPersonnel expense form

If the CSO applies for more than EUR 100,000 during one application cycle it must also attach a project document in the application submitted to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

pdfProject document

Payment request

pdfPayment request

No. UML2012-0018.1.0 (en)

Request for change and notification of amendment

Requests for change in the use of funds and carry-over of discretionary government transfer to the next year should be done using the below form.

pdfRequest for change

(version UML2014-0016.2.1, updated 25.8.2014)

For additions to the organisation's basic information, application and annual report, please use the below form.

pdfNotification of amendment

(version UML2014-0024.1.0, updated 25.8.2014)


Reporting on project support is done electronically through the e-service of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Reports must be submitted not later than30 April.  The appendices to the annual report are submitted only electronically. Appendices requiring a signature are scanned and attached to the electronic report form. 

pdfAnnual report form

(version UML2014-0019.1.3, updated 16.4.2014)

pdfInstructions for the annual report

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