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USA EU TTIP Handshake

Trade agreement negotiations between the EU and the United States

The negotiations on an ambitious Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) were launched in the summer of 2013. Finland will pay special attention to the openness and transparency of the negotiation process. Read more »
CBSS Finnish Presidency 2013-2014

Stable and sustainable development in the Barents region

Finland chaired the Barents Euro-Arctic Council in 2013–14: Working for dynamic, inclusive and sustainable regional development. Read more »


Responsible development cooperation requires that both the donors and the recipients of aid disseminate information openly. Openness reduces the possibility of funds being misused and strengthens good governance. Read more >>
Viljasäkkejä ja terveysvalistusta torilla Iringassa, Tansania. Kuva: Elvi Rista

Finland improved its donor ranking on the Aid Transparency Index

Finland has risen 15 places in the international comparison that measures the transparency of development aid. Finland’s donor ranking is now 24 and the country is placed in the middle level on the Aid Transparency Index 2014. Finland is praised as a good example of the fact that it is possible to make changes quickly.


Ministeri Paatero allekirjoitus

Ministry for Foreign Affairs granted additional funding for the fight against Ebola

Development Minister Sirpa Paatero has today signed a pledge of EUR 7.1 million in support for the UN Ebola Trust Fund through which UN agencies, led by WHO, are fighting against the spread of the disease in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia.


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