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Strategies, acts and decrees

The operation of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs is guided by the operational Strategy of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Human Resources Strategy and certain acts and decrees.

Priorities of Foreign Service activities

The aim of Finland’s foreign policy is to strengthen international stability, security, peace, justice, and sustainable development as well as promote the rule of law, democracy and human rights.

Human Resources Strategy

The objective of the Human Resources Strategy is to ensure that the staff of the Foreign Service are appropriate in terms of their number and position, skilled and open to development, motivated, committed and satisfied with their jobs. The Strategy provides the guidelines on which the Ministry bases its long-term human resources plans, skills management and career planning.

Acts and decrees

The Ministry's functions are governed by certain acts and decrees and the Ministry's Rules of Procedure.

Future review 2010

pdfMinistry for Foreign Affairs of Finland: Future Review 2010 (PDF 1179 kB)

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