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Since there is no international framework to regulate investment, the Foreign Service endeavours to pursue the interests of Finnish business abroad by means of bilateral agreements on the promotion and protection of investments. The Foreign Service also takes an active part in the international discussion, conducted especially in the OECD and UNCTAD, about foreign direct investments and their treatment.

The Foreign Service endeavours to expand Finland's network of bilateral agreements primarily with non-OECD countries in which Finnish business and industries have or are planning on placing investments. Instead, investments between the OECD member countries are regulated by the organisation's so-called National Treatment Instrument, Code of Liberalisation of Current Invisible Operations and Code of Liberalisation of Capital Movements, and the Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, of which the latter is still only recommendations.

By international comparison concerning the number of investment agreements, Finland ranks among the middle group together with Sweden, Denmark, Austria and Belgium. At the moment the number of valid agreements is somewhat over 50. Germany, Great Britain and Switzerland have the most comprehensive networks of agreements, each with well over one hundred agreements.


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Updated 12/18/2008

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