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Maailman markkinat 2006 -publicationThe Kauppapolitiikka magazine is published both online and as a printed version, and it provides topical information on foreign policy for anyone with an interest in foreign trade. Maailman markkinat (world markets) is an annual publication, and it has been published since 2006.

Kauppapoliittinen katsaus (trade policy review) is a biannual publication of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Finland's Trade Policy Programme, which was prepared at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and approved by the Government, is a unique overall presentation of the changes in and impacts of the changes on Finland's trade policy environment.

The Foreign Service Strategy for Promoting Exports and Internationalisation was published in spring 2005, and it is based on our national EPI strategy.

All publications are available in Finnish in electrical form either in full or in part.

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