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Other partner countries in Finland's development cooperation

In addition to longterm partner countries in development cooperation, Finland also works together with other countries, especially fragile states. Finland’s other development cooperation partner countries include Afghanistan, the Palestinian territory, South Sudan, and Nicaragua.

Several of Finland’s partner countries are either in the middle of a military conflict, or are coping with a post-crisis situation. Support for these countries requires a comprehensive approach and a partnership in which military and civilian crisis management, development cooperation, and humanitarian aid, are efficiently coordinated to obtain the best possible results.

Kuva: Pirjo-Liisa Heikkilä.The United Nations refugee organisation, UNHCR assisting in the post-earthquake  reconstruction in Pakistan. Photo: Pirjo-Liisa Heikkilä.

The forms of development cooperation implemented during a violent crisis must be chosen carefully. Different methods are used at different stages of the crisis. Development cooperation in the post-conflict stage has a particular focus on stabilising conditions to support the peace process.

In countries emerging from crisis, Finland focuses primarily on support for crisis resolution and stabilising conditions in the country. In these countries, Finland may also provide humanitarian assistance.

In crisis areas, Finland works in close cooperation with the EU, other multilateral actors, and other bilateral donors.

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Updated 7/16/2014

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