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Minister for European Affairs and Foreign Trade

Alexander Stubb
Alexander Stubb, Minister for European Affairs  and Foreign Trade 
Photo: Prime Minister's Office

Minister for European Affairs and Foreign Trade Alexander Stubb is responsible for matters relating to trade policy and cooperation with neighbouring areas and for matters covered by the Government Secretariat for EU Affairs, excluding issues that are handled by the Prime Minister. 
In addition, as Minister for Nordic Cooperation, Mr Stubb is also responsible for matters under the mandate of the Secretariat for Nordic Cooperation.

Postal address:
Minister for European Affairs and Foreign Trade
PO Box 413
Visiting address:
Eurooppa- ja ulkomaankauppaministeri
PL 413
Alexander Stubb
Airi Aurela
tel. +358 295 350629
tel. +358 9 16056302
Press Attaché
Mari-Kaisa Brander
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mob.+358 40 1313388
Kira Horsma
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Timo Ranta
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Essi Suorsa
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Maija Terävä-Kantoniemi
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Lauri Tierala
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Minna Wikman
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