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Current Affairs

The Unit for Communications on Current Affairs is responsible for the Ministry’s external and internal communications concerning matters related to foreign and security policy and the Ministry’s services.

The Unit is also responsible for the provision of information to different organizations, the citizens and various stakeholders as well as for the strategic planning, development and coordination of Foreign Service communications.

The main tasks of the Unit for Communications on Current Affairs are:

  1. The Ministry’s external communications on current affairs, incl. media events
  2. Internal communications in the Foreign Service
  3. Support for the departments’ and diplomatic missions’ communications
  4. News and media monitoring for the needs of the Foreign Service
  5. Coordination of crisis communications in the Department for Communications
  6. Content management of the Foreign Service’s external and internal web communications, incl. coordination, steering and development of content production
  7. Coordination of matters concerning the International Press Center


Visiting address:

Kanavakatu 3 C

Postal address:

Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Unit for Communications on Current Affairs
PO Box 481


Vesa Häkkinen
  • Director
  • tel. work +358 295 351 356
  • mob. workcell +358 40 481 9880
Marja-Leena Kultanen
  • Communications Coordinator, Intranet Content Manager
  • tel. work +358 295 351 387
Mari Lankinen
  • Content and Communications Specialist, foreign and security policy
  • tel. work +358 295 350 642
Rim Mezian
  • Communications Coordinator
  • tel. work +358 295 351 905
Heli Pietilä
  • Content and Communications Specialist, consular and legal services
  • tel. work +358 295 351 422
Laura Rantanen
  • Communications Coordinator, Web Content Manager
Karoliina Romanoff
  • Communications Officer
  • tel. work +358 295 351 900
Miia Vihola
  • Communications Assistant, web communications, press releases, media monitoring, organisation of media events
  • tel. work +358 295 350 680
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