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Development cooperation in the Caribbean

Finland does not have regular bilateral development cooperation with Venezuela or with the other countries covered by the Unit of the Ambassador-at-large to the Caribbean and Venezuela (Barbados, Dominican Republic, Guyana, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago).

Ympäristöystävällisten energianlähteiden hyödyntämistä Amazonasin osavaltion alueella osana paikallisen yhteistyön määrärahalla tuettua hanketta Venezuelassa. Kuva: Nora Heinonen.Promotion of Sustainable Energy Sources in the Amazonas State as part of a project supported with the Finnish Fund for Local Cooperation in Venezuela. Photo: Nora Heinonen

However, the Finnish Fund for Local Cooperation (FLC) can be used to support local initiatives and projects of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), civil associations or foundations.

Fund for Local Cooperation (FLC)

The objective of the FCL is to promote democracy, governability (good government) sustainable development, fight against poverty and human rights particularly through the civil society.

The local cooperation fund is one of the instruments of Finnish cooperation which purpose is to serve as a complement to the Finnish development policy that goes beyond the bilateral governmental cooperation.

At the moment, the Unit does not receive project proposals. More information on the FCL can be obtained from the Unit by e-mail. 

Kuva: Johanna Kivimäki.Photo: Johanna Kivimäki.


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