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Strengthening the EU's capability and the Common Foreign Policy

It is important for Finland to strengthen the EU's external relations and its External Action Service. At the moment, the European Union focuses on its internal problems and the management of the economic and debt crisis. The economic crisis threatens the EU's internal coherence and operational capacity and its foreign political influence.


  • To contribute to a common strategy and content in the EU's foreign policy; to support the development of the EU's External Action Service; to strive for a more influential, effective, consistent and coherent foreign policy by the EU; to strengthen the EU's concerted external action by, for example, acceding to the European Convention on Human Rights;
  • To support the EU's security and defence policy and the development of defence cooperation in a goal-oriented manner; to support effective preparation for the European Council of December 2013 where the matter will be discussed;
  • To contribute to the EU's enlargement process and to take an active part in the development of the EU's Neighbourhood Policy, especially in the union's eastern partner countries; to support strengthening of the EU's strategic partnership policy;
  • To support sustainable solutions for the EU's economic and debt crisis and to make efforts to maintain a coherent and capable Union. 

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Updated 5/12/2015

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